About Me

At the tender age of ten I started taking black & white photographs using a Voigtländer Compur, a gift from my grandfather. Soon after I turned more and more towards painting and design, and consequently my greatest ambition was to study fine arts and photography. My parents, however, wanted me learn the book-trade in Frankfurt. Later I worked for various publishing companies in Munich. I became mother of a boy and a girl (both in the creative field today), worked for some social political NGOs as well as in different areas of art and design, but I always stuck with photography. In 1993 I started my professional carreer in media design and production.
Since 2012 Photography and Photo Art have become my major focus of work.

2018 Participation at Kunstausstellung Bayrischzell
Foto 60 x 40 „Die alte Frau und das Meer“

2017 Participation at Kunstausstellung Bayrischzell
Foto 100 x 70 „Das Wasser, das Wasser“

2017 Participation at Kunstverein Traunstein, Frühjahrsausstellung
Video: Ein Tag im Leben von Brigitte Weidmann

2015/16 on-going: Art Direction, Media Space Design, Lighting Crossmedia Project “Living Longer”, www.livinglonger.eu

2015 Participation at Arte Algarve Exhibition “Blue Planet”, Lagoa/Portugal

2015 Participation at Galeria Arte Algarve exhibition, Ferragudo/Portugal

2015 Training workshop in PhotoArt at Kunstakademie Bad Reichenhall , Sonja Braas, New York, www.sonjabraas.com

2014 on-going PhotoArt Projects: „Everybody’s Shooting – Alle Welt fotografiert“ | „Fade out – Bad Reichenhall“ | „Abandoned Places – Verlassene Orte“ | „ManMade – KunstStoffe“

2010 Training in Acrylic Painting  by Katja Barinsky, Regensburg www.katja-barinsky.de

2010 Training in Acrylic Painting  by Gisela Conrad  at Summer Academy Eggenfelden, www.g-conrad.de

2009 Training in Printing on Tiles byPatrick King, www.ceramics-online.ch

2009 Training in Wood Scuplture by Helmut Wolf, Regensburg, www.helmut-wolf.com

2004-08 Art Direction, Media Space Design for Multimedia Interactive Museum „Regensburg Experience“, http://rex-regensburg.julienbiere.de

1999 Training in Acrylic Painting by Kerstin Wagner, Portugal, www.kerstin-wagner-art.de

1998 Training in Acrylic Painting by Brigitte von Humboldt, Atelier Azul, Lagos/Portugal, www.atelierazul.net

1996 Training in Modern Art Tile Painting(„azulejos“) by Jerome Gay and Sylvain Bongard, Portugal

1995 Creation of an international artists network „alento“ in Southern Portugal

1994 Art Direction, Multimedia CD-ROM Edition „Planet der Kinder“, „BodyArt Portfolio“ (Verlag Weidmann & Biere Publishing)

1993 Training in photography, digital imaging, Web screen-design and layout (AV-Akademie München gem.e.V.)